Behold: Vermont’s Green Future Can Be Yours Too!

Hatching a fiction story, especially one that projects the future, makes for interesting research. Sometimes, reality overtakes what was originally construed as fiction. The article below indicates the imagined future is coming sooner than expected.

In Mountain Whispers – Days Without Sun, Progress City portrays a green regime well past its sustainable prime and in decline. The regional authorities feel the undercurrents, the tremors of social discord among the citizenry. There’s trouble in paradise.


The agenda to sustain a condensed population center via renewables for the sake of “Earth First” pits ideology against reality. They’ve forgotten the fact that modern life sustains itself on “high energy” resources that are cheap, abundant, and reliable. Solar and wind power fall way short of the high energy mark.

A wind farm cannot build a wind farm; a solar farm cannot make its own panels, wire cable, steel infrastructure, mine and process rare earth material components, transport everything, and fabricate vital replacement parts. That’s reality.

Have a look at this article with the catchy title. Do you see any gaps in their self-promoted cause to go toto-renewable?

Bottom line: Vermont’s green globalists are eager to send their state down the road to Progress City. And with the Obama Admin’s recent rollout of the Clean Power Plan, there’s even more green joy ahead for the entire nation!

Green-energy CEO: Vermonters must abandon the car, embrace renewable energy future

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