Derivative Life: How’s my Deriving?

What is a Derivative?

Robert Kiyosaki describes a derivative as the juice from the orange. The juice is not the orange, but it came from the orange. The juice is derived from the orange.

Derivatives are a good thing, or can be. Derivatives leverage the original thing into something more.

Where derivatives can get in trouble is when they’re packages as a clone of the original. Like clones, cloned derivatives can become unstable and break down.

Derivatives that go to make so much more, can be a good thing.

When a derivative is leveraged to create more of something real, it’s a good thing.

Coffee is a derivative of the coffee bean, and it’s a good thing. So sometimes, a derivative is more than and better than the original, in the same way that some derivatives in a human family can turn out better than the originals.

In the ‘orange’ analogy, the derivative orange juice can also be made into other things, such as orange concentrate, which is then made into other derivatives. Many of the derivatives are good things, and sometimes

Derivatives of an Orange

  • Orange juice
  • Orange pithe
  • Orange peel
  • Orange seeds
  • Orange fragrance

Let’s expand on this with JUST the orange juice for now.

Derivative Orange Juice:

  • Orange Juice
    • Orange Juice Concentrate

So, OJ Concentrate is a derivative of a derivative.

Derivatives of Orange Juice Concentrate:

  • Orange Juice
    • Orange Juice Concentrate
      • Orange flavoring

OJ flavoring is a derivative of a derivative of a derivative.

Derivatives of Orange Flavoring:

  • Orange Juice
    • Orange Juice Concentrate
      • Orange flavoring
        • Orange flavored water

OJ flavoring is a derivative of a derivative of a derivative of a derivative.

It’s REALLY GREAT that the ONE THING: Orange juice, can be repurposed into so very many things.  This only scratches the surface of an orange, which in its entirety can be made into medicine, supplements, teas, cakes, fragrances and so much more.

However, one thing is certain:

The derivative is rarely as good as the original.

The first derivative, the orange juice, is wonderful, and as close to the original as you can get. However, not 100% like the original, where nature’s wisdom has packaged the high sugar content of the fruit with fiber than you can chew which increases digestive juices, which together helps to slow down the sugar absorption and extend the food’s nutritional benefit.

Nature provided the pith that sticks to the pulp which though slightly bitter because it contains even more vitamin C per milligram of food, by clinging to the fruit, it is eaten together, which minimizes the bitter, decreases the sweet so slightly, so it’s not over-saturation of sweet that can lead to addiction, while increasing the nutrition in each bite.

Nature also provided the seeds and peel each of which have health and other benefits.1)

By the time the “orange flavored water” reaches your lips, it has been stripped of all but a few molecules of its essence. The ancestor orange is so far removed from its derivative offspring, that there is a resemblance, but that’s about it.

Derivatives are like offspring. They are a way of life. And like offspring, some turn out better than others.


Political Derivatives

Nicole Gelina writes an interesting article on political derivatives that touches on the healthcare derivatives.

Here’s our take:



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