Global Warming and a Time Traveler’s Perspective

Red Pill or Green Kool Aid…?

Yes, readers. It’s been a good while since anything new has been published on these pages. LittleRedPill has taken a hiatus in deference to what looks like major shifts in the political and economic landscape which have occurred and are continuing. But as of today, American youth are still being gaslighted by their cultural icons, their teachers, and the romantic notions that “sustainability” is where it’s at.

In fact, since last year’s election of  “he who must not be named”, the factionalism sought by the progressive mobsters behind the various resistance movements is worse than ever. We’ve seen a definite ramp up in PC speech control, identity politics, increased violence and anti-tolerance toward anyone with a differing opinion or persuasion.

In my novel, Mountain Whispers, Days without Sun, the dark imaginings of how a future “sustainable” global society might operate construct the framework of the story. Well, friends and neighbors, some of the fiction of the future is here, now.

Consensus Science isn’t Science

Let’s start with the notion of catastrophic human generated climate change. It has to be catastrophic, or according to the high end gurus and purveyors of the concept, there’s a very serious, even criminal, act of denial. Why? Because the science is settled.

There’s a consensus. Therefore, there can be no debate.

Rather than cite the hundreds of studies and articles that question the notion that human activity (industry and capitalistic enterprise) is the root causes of the catastrophe which computer models predict will happen, just Google around and see what’s out there. The red pill is a choice.

The antidote for the green kool aid is self induced knowledge. Truth… the little red pill.

Fossil fuels are the whipping boy of the environmental inquisitors. To avoid catastrophe, we need to follow progressive nations like Germany, Spain and Denmark to rid ourselves of these “unsustainable” pollutant point sources in favor of clean wind, and clean solar. Oh and by the way, we really need to cut way down on our energy use. And consumption. And stuff, y’know, like private property.

Unfortunately, the renewables (in real terms–unreliables) haven’t worked out so well for the folks in Germany, Spain, England. and other progressively green countries. Their citizens are now paying immense taxes to subsidize these expensive ventures and paying a lot more on their power bills.

In the next decade, Europe has plans to bring 495 new coal fired plants online.

Energy Poverty

The term energy poverty doesn’t just apply to people in undeveloped countries where the infrastructure is lacking to provide 1.5 billion people electricity. It’s also the economics of high priced energy, huge tax subsidies for renewables, including electric vehicles, and the inefficiencies of mating high-priced wind and solar variable outputs with standby (reliable) fossil fuel fired plants. Google “energy poverty” and see what’s really happening in Spain, Germany, and the UK where people, most especially the poor, are spending more and more of their livelihoods on electricity. That’s it. Take the red pill and inform yourself as to what really makes the engine of the world’s economies turn.

What really makes the engine of the world’s economies turn?

Observe what happens during extreme cold snaps. Do the energy companies go looking for more wind power? More solar power? Where is the magic lever that controls sunshine and wind?


In reality, cheap, readily available, reliable, and abundant energy derived from fossil fuels has brought prosperity, longevity, and freedom to every single developed country on the planet. As a benefit, those with the most advanced economies like the USA are the least damaging to the environment. For you Marxist–Socialist enthusiasts, have a close look at China, Russia, Venezuela and their environmental conditions.


So if there’s anything that seems off about climate science morphing into a dogmatic religion and the purveyors of the “sustainablility” doctrine declaring anybody who questions the science as a denier, your common sense will likely lead you past the refreshment stand where the green Kool-Aid is being served. For those still under the influence of the green decoction, stop drinking, go home, take the red pill, and wake to a rational perspective in the morning.

(Btw… if you like the WTFU concept, you might enjoy a hoodie or T-shirt.)


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