California Fires Sparked by Policy – Not Global Warming!

A quick look at the relevant connection no one is making between California sanctuaries, the homeless, and California fires. And of course the alleged cause: Global Warming aka Climate Change.

Let’s take the Bel Air fire, you know the one in the land of shake, bake, n slide, that has taken out so many rich estate villas in equal opportunity fashion. The forensics on what started this blaze point to a cook fire at a homeless encampment. Yes, friends, the homeless have been tolerated in the tony hills and ravines and who’s to say this indulgence may atone for the discomfiture of the mega-haves in relation to the abysmal have nots?

California Fires Sparked by Policy – Not Global Warming!
California Fires Sparked by Policy – Not Global Warming!

And, yes, this includes the illegals that have surged into sanctuary zones like bees to nectar. Unfortunately, these unmoored individuals also fill the ranks of the homeless which have burgeoned in California – LA County alone saw a spike of 23% last year.

So, you give the green light for sanctuary, offering safe harbor for lawbreakers and, lo, there are actual consequences. But no worries, the government (like always) will take care of things. The local governments are already overextended, understaffed, and underfunded to deal with the surge of homelessness in their communities. Why oh why invite more vagabonds from outside the country and the law?


California faces a slew of problems of their own making with the wildfires, the increase in homelessness, soaring debt, decimated state pensions, and a host of frenzied ideologues, including the governor, willing to let forests accumulate more incendiary fuel rather than deploy proven forest management practices like controlled burns, thinning, and dead fall removal. 1)

As Governor Jerry Brown keeps his ideologically driven agendas for leaving illegal immigrants unimpeded and forests unkempt, his prediction that California will be experiencing rampant wildfires as “the new normal” will certainly prove spot on. And the irony of how the homeless have rendered the most elite of homeowners homeless may prove instructive to sanctuary advocates including those who’ve lost homes in Bel Air and Montecito.




“I would say it’s a whole new phenomenon,” County Supervisor Hilda Solis, whose district saw Latino homelessness go up by 84 percent, told the Los Angeles Times. “We have to put it on the radar and really think outside the box when we consider how to help this population.

“The County of Los Angeles and the City of Los Angeles both have formally adopted “sanctuary” policies.”







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