Mountain Whispers Author Interviewed on The Blaze Radio

Last week, Jacki Pick, of The Jacki Daily Show asked me to come on her show and talk about Mountain Whispers. Jacki graces the weekend programming of The Blaze Radio as she educates, entertains, and engages her listeners on all matters of energy along with industry leaders, analysts, politicians, and writers.

Her creds are impressive, including a world-class international education and careers spanning energy, government policy, and high-level politics in the belly of the beast, DC. She is now safe and sound in Texas where she serves as Chief Operating Officer of the National Center for Policy Analysis helmed by one of my favorites, Allen B. West.

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From the start of the segment, Jacki establishes our common connections to Appalachia. She grew up in the Ohio River Valley and knows first– hand the challenges facing coal miners, power plant workers, railroaders, and their families.

Our conversation covers the “war on coal” and its refugees, how Mountain Whispers originated from a casual conversation and what really matters to our children and their children.

The Jacki Daily Show airs this Sunday (August 2) starting at 2 PM. If you miss it, look for the podcast version on Jacki’s site as it appears the following Wednesday (or so). Also, look for links on Mountain Whispers’ FB and Twitter.

And yes, friends, this is truly a fantastic boon to be up on The Blaze Radio, the national stage. I’m completely amazed and deeply grateful.


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