Why I Wrote Mountain Whispers – Days Without Sun

Are you wrestling with thoughts surrounding the politics of the green movement and their claims of saving the planet?
Maybe you’re unclear on who or what they want to save?
Or perhaps you’re a bit uncomfortable with the claims that the “science is settled” and “there is a consensus” and “there is no need for debate”. And yet, it’s referred to as “science”. Does that make any sense?

Or maybe you’re uneasy with the notion that anyone who questions the “science” is demonized as being in the lap of the fossil fuel corporations, an idiot in their own right, or some right extremist wing nut. The skeptics are often referred to as “deniers”, “flat earthers”, and as of late, “criminals” against humanity needing to be punished for their non-conformative views.

One recent survey by Rasmussen Reports shows that 27% of Democrats in the U.S. are in favor of prosecuting climate skeptics

Does that seem intolerant and rather scary?

Having these questions means you’re in the right place.

6 years ago, I hung out where you are now with thoughts like, “I am for the planet, keeping it clean and green, but something sounds wrong. Is there another side to this story?”
That’s why I wrote Mountain Whispers: Days Without Sun, the first installment of the Mountain Whispers trilogy, that delves into the commandeering of the environmental movement by those who seek to govern the world.


While this is in novel format, it’s based on my 6 years questioning and research… condensed into a more enjoyable, far less technical read.

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