The Roanoke Virginia Reporter Shootings-Lessons to Learn
 Allison Parker and Adam Ward Now when was the last time we heard about the WDBJ/CBS reporters and their interviewee
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The Climate Nazis Are Coming!
The Climate Nazis Are Coming Here! The following are excerpts from a letter sent out to close associates in the
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Green Kool-Aid Antidote
READING (Non-Fiction) Energy Freedom by Marita Noon The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein Eco-Tyranny by Brian Susan
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EPA Kool-Aid Anyone?
Colorado Governor drinks from EPA’s toxin tainted Animus River. Hmm….Would a private company be able to claim the water is
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The EPA’s Down and Dirty Clean Power Plan
Recently, the Obama Ministry pitched EPA’s Clean Power Plan. It claims to be a measure that will save lives and
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Behold: Vermont’s Green Future Can Be Yours Too!
Hatching a fiction story, especially one that projects the future, makes for interesting research. Sometimes, reality overtakes what was originally
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