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Mountain Whispers Author Interviewed on The Blaze Radio
Last week, Jacki Pick, of The Jacki Daily Show asked me to come on her show and talk about Mountain
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Are You a Conscious Environmentalist?
Could a molecule that makes up four hundred parts per million of our atmosphere, command the trajectory of our climate?
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Prager University: “Why You Should Love Fossil Fuels”
Article by Alex Epstein on Every year on Earth Day we learn how bad humanity’s economic development is for the
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Paper Paupers – What’s Amiss in MWDWS?
Why Paper? Like electricity, many of us who use paper and in so many ways constantly reap its benefits could
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Alternative Science Invades DC
That was the ICCC 10 ! The Heartland Institute’s 10th annual meeting of the International Conference on Climate Change concluded
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BOOK REVIEW: Climate Change – The Facts
***** 5 Stars Cheers to Mark Steyn’s Latest Publication I wonder why the media isn’t talking about and reviewing Climate Change
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