The Climate Nazis Are Coming!

The Climate Nazis Are Coming Here!


The following are excerpts from a letter sent out to close associates in the coal patch….about 5 years ago.

Among the political impacts (i.e. oncoming trains at the end of the tunnel) is the recent EPA ruling CO2 as a dangerous greenhouse gas thus worthy of regulating with draconian force. The Clean Water Reformation Act (CWRA) and the upcoming Cap and Trade bill are designed to finish off fossil fuels and mining forever. Sorry to be bleak here, but we are living someone’s dream to reality series called “fundamentally changing America”.

I make no secret of being a long-term total skeptic of the entire premise of man-made global warming/climate change. The terms “consensus” and “science” should never be politically (or religiously) joined at the hip. I would urge all of us to read beyond the mainstream headlines and become as directly informed as possible about these issues. Then begin taking action personally, professionally, economically, and politically.

One of the KEY errors the energy experts make is citing that just over 50% of US electricity comes from coal. This is a (2009) national average and therein lies the lie/error. The following states use coal for over 90% electrical power: WV, WY, KY, IN, & ND. Ohio comes in at 85.8% Utah at 81%; GA, NC, and TN in the lower 60% range. So let’s NOT be fooled that any switch away from coal to alternatives will be either fast or economically disaster-free.

If the tenor of this update seems negatively skewed and lacking in faith toward our political “partners” , first consider how, as one becomes more involved in business and the practical matters of meeting payrolls, working under the increasing press of government regulations, and seeing the nearly gleeful (alternating with dead serious crises tonality) with which our progenitor’s legacy is being re-distributed, then you’ll know I come from a place of deep caring and responsibility.

A few months later, I sent them this article.Coal News CWA June 2010

In 2011, this link went out to my associates:

Along with the comment: “THESE are the people in charge of our toilets, our light bulbs, our car designs, our energy resources, our water, and ultimately, how we live our lives. “

In 2012, the following observation was included in the mid-year report

“Unless markets, the weather, and politics change radically, coal mining, particularly in the Appalachians, will become less and less a part of the energy spectrum.”

Today, I sent out a notification that we are facing such strong headwinds and consequences of a destructive agenda against our coal industry, drastic measures need to be taken to preserve what little return on investment we still retain.

At the same time, I just finished a brilliant treatise on America’s loss of direction and freedom that profoundly replicates what happened to Germany over eighty years ago. “The Ominous Parallels” by a great proponent of liberty and reason, Leonard Peikoff.

Having read the last pages, and reflecting on the visitations of regulations and mandates that can strangle and mangle any enterprise that’s fallen out of favor, the bottom line is this: There is no longer any merit in warning about a totalitarian jackbooted statist elite coming to rule over our lives. They are already here!








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